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Grampian 23 sailboat

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Musings and thoughts in chronological order.
A boat always takes longer to fix than the best estimate. And when you have finished estimating, something else will come up and throw your nice estimate off!
Last Update - 13 December 2007

The mind's imagining!

I hauled the boat back in August 2004. We weathered four hurricanes in six weeks and that, with the usual LIFE stuff thrown in, has really thrown any kind of schedule I had, off! I really am looking forward to finishing the topsides so I can go inside the boat. I've got some new tools I am going to employ.

The weather has been just excellent for sailing. December 2004 through the month of March 2005 have been windy! Some people get motivated by it, I get depressed. I would much rather be there (on the water) than here (itching, mosquito bitten, etc.). I do keep reminding myself that unlike many, I do not have a monthly payment attached and I got two seasons of good times on the old girl before I hauled her. So, time to pay the piper!
15 March 2005
I'm leaving the above words as an example of the ups and downs of any large restoration project. I would propose that anything, a house, car, boat, aeroplane, all contain times where the restorer has second thoughts. It's getting better for me now I am about to move into the interior and am using my time better for filling in seams and routing out cracks in the gel coat, etc.
I am also going to grind the non-skid off of the deck and put a layer of fibreglass over the entire deck and cabin. The cuts and resulting seams I made will just not get smooth enough to pass my inspection. I have found a vendor who sells deck paint with recycled tyre bits mixed in. I'm going to get a sample, but I think this will wear well under bare feet and bathing suits. I'll post the impressions and results here.
26 September 2005
I bought a 4.5" DeWalt grinder yesterday and took all the non-skid off the deck. I was surprised how in some places it came off easily and in others it was a bear to grind off. I like the tool, quieter than another I had borrowed. I am also thoroughly disgusted with how in leaving the boat alone for 3 months it has mildewed terribly. The new hoses, clear and white sanitation, have got mildew quite badly. I hope to take care of that with some bathroom products, but don't know what will happen to the paint underneath.
The plan now is to complete the deck so I can put the hatches and plexi windows back in to form a dust barrier.
At least I'm working on the boat again.
13 January 2006
A New Year and hopefully I'm on the downhill part of this job. I'm in process of smoothing/fairing the deck and cabin top. It's starting to look good and is actually exciting as each mix of epoxy is actually getting me closer to the end which is now in sight. I used a microballoon mix on the cast iron keel and that results in a tougher/harder substance which is correspondingly more difficult to sand. Still, a nice finish. I really want to go and pick up a primer and just make the boat one colour.
15 March 2006
Target date for launch - 1 April 2006. I have been painting all surfaces which will not be accessable after installation of cabinet faces and shelves. I've been filling and sanding and painting. Surfaces look good. The formica tops have gone on the galley and head counters and the table. Nice colour. Now I'm off to buy Sunbrella fabric to complement the blue/gray of the counters. I'm off for a week's vacation next week and will be pushing big-time to get things done. Christening and launch to be conducted Saturday, 1 April. I think it is a fitting day and one of which King Neptune will approve.
4 April 2006
Some small setbacks. The rudder had a rotten spot so had to excise that. Next was to wrap in the heavy biax cloth below the waterline and light woven cloth above. This is both for protection and waterproofing. Takes time though. The next setback was the new topside paint. I did not fully comprehend the instructions on the Petit sandless primer and so did what I would do with any other paint. I waited for it to be dry. Wrong! It must be still tacky in order for the next layer to adhere. Lesson learned! I must now scrape the layer off as it pulls off like saran wrap off a package. Sigh.

22 May 2006

I'm trying to be a bit more creative with the layout of this site, so pardon if there is a mess!

I'm now about to close in on the end of this project.

Project list follows:

1. Scrub/clean mast and pull halyards.

2. Sand rudder and attach pintles. Hang from stern in readiness for painting.

3. Electrics. Install busses, 1-2-Both switch, distribution panel, lights, wiring as necessary. Make battery housings.

4. Sand bottom and prep for bottom paint.

5. Attach all hoses and ensure water-tightness.

6. Check sails and sheets.

29 June 2006

I've got four days coming up and I hope to accomplish a lot.

1. Finish the two LED lights and install over the sinks.

2. Clean up the wiring - bundle it where possible, ensure the runs are not down in the bilge, re-crimp ends where the wire is too long.

3. Finish sanding the bottom.

4. Finish fairing the keel/hull joint.

5. Tape the bottom in preparation of the first coat of bottom paint.

6. Paint.

That's all I'll put for now as that's pretty ambitious for the weekend. Wednesday will show how far I get.

7 July 2006

Electrical panel is in place and tested. Everything works! The first coat of bottom paint is on. I've got photos which I need to reduce and add here; should be by the end of the weekend.

14 August 2006

Okay, I've been silent recently and I haven't shrunk enough pictures to post here, but I'll provide a 'verbal' update.

All electrics, including for the engine, are in and working. The hardware has been rebedded where leaks were found. The fuel system is assembled as is the bilge pump and attendent hoses. The protruding bolts have been cut off so as to preclude any cuts or bruises. I used the Dremel with the heavy-duty cutoff wheels for this. The rudder attachment hole was reamed and the tiller is now attached. The name has been ordered and I'm waiting to hear from the supplier. The mast has been fully re-reeved with all halyards, including the spinnaker halyard. I put an extension piece for the wind indicator to enable it to be horizontal. The masthead fitting was just too close to sheaves where I wanted to put the indicator. I think it worked out better this way.

6 September 2006

I've not updated anything as I have had a hectic work schedule. The boat has been sitting and slowly mildewing! Argh. However, family matters come first and so I probably won't be getting much further in the near future. Don't give up on the site. Cheers.

20 September 2006

Just posting to the site so there is some sort of life. Realistically I won't be getting to the boat until November/December. Important family matters. I will be re-doing the photos and trying to add more. I am even thinking of a 2nd site and will post here if I can pull it off.

24 October 2006

I am just updating this so we know that something is happening to this site. The November/December dates stand.

12 March 2007

The name has been applied this past weekend and I will be putting the photo up. Time is of the essence.

12 April 2007

We launched her on 7th April 2007 with as much fanfare as we could muster. It was clear and chilly for around here, but great weather anyway. Hauling the boat out of the driveway was a non-event, as was getting it over the local bridge. A number of sleepless nights were spent worrying over this but at the end of the day, all was well. Once the launch crew were at the boat ramp, the mast raising went ahead with no problems. I took my time as what was the point of rushing anything? With all rigging in place, both standing and running, she was moved back toward the ramp and out into the water. And floated! Got the engine started, with no problem, and took the crew over to the anchorage for champagne. Proper libations and offerings to Neptune, Aeolus and others. I spent some time then cleaning up the inside, basically straightening up tools, etc., and then took the family for a sail. It was great just to be back on the water.