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Grampian 23 sailboat

Rags and Bones

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Salvage of a Hurricane damaged sailboat
Last updated - Summer 2005
Below is an example of an undamaged Kells 23, similar to the one I 'attacked'.


I got an opportunity to salvage everything I could off of a Kells 23 sailboat. I had initially been looking for a pulpit when a friend told me he had this sailboat in his possession. Well, I certainly couldn't pass up the opportunity. Here's a list of stuff.
Two single speed Gibb winches
Assorted cleats
Masthead crane
Standing rigging including turnbuckles
Interior teak trim
It wasn't free, but it was pretty darn close! All told, it took about 2 1/2 hours to get all this. I'm certainly happy, especially with the pulpit. It and the stanchions are all welded stainless steel. The design of the pulpit is very similar to the Grampian. The foot print is a little smaller, but for what I want, it's perfect.
Update 7 July 2006
I was surprised by some of the fittings failing. I plan on using two lengths of wire rope for my lifelines.I was attaching the tangs to the stern fitting on my boat. The jaw of the tang simply broke off, with very little effort on my part. Glad there was no one holding on and depending on the lifeline! On inspection, one could see the crack, but it wasn't easy. Be very careful of any rust showing on any stainless steel. I think a dye kit (for checking for cracks) is about the best way to go. I will be removing all existing swaged fittings and will simply crimp thimbles on the ends.
(April 2007 - I found using a green plastic scrubbie to be a good way to remove any surface rust. This, in turn, allowed me to look for cracks as the cracks tended to have rust in them. Cheaper than dye.)

FOXTROT, a Kells 23 under sail.