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Grampian 23 sailboat


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Rough drawing of a trailer I am using. 


This is a rough drawing with measurements of a trailer I borrowed from a friend. He has a shallower sailboat which is perfect for this trailer. The Grampian is about 10 - 12 inches taller than the tops of the rollers and so requires wood blocks and such to make up the difference.  


Luff - 22ft 1in
Leach - 22ft 9in
Foot - 8ft 9in
The main was constructed with plastic slugs, 3/8in, for the luff and a boltrope foot. There is one set of reef points.
Working Jib
Luff - 22ft 6in
Leach - 21ft 3in
Foot - 9ft 8in
Genoa (150%)
Luff -
Leach -
Foot -
I have not measured the big genoa. I will get the measurements here in the near future.

Some other measurements

- 25ft 7 1/4in; does not include the base or 'shoe' at bottom or the masthead crane at top.
Mainsail luff groove from top of feed opening to the working top of the mast (about two inches below the crane to allow for the shackle, etc) - 22ft 8in.
There is 7 inches from the top of the boom attachment to the top of the bolt rope opening, which gives 23ft 3in of mainsail hoist.
Boom - 10ft 0in without hardware, (gooseneck, boom end cap).
These are actual measurements, not just taken from the builder's/sailmakers guide, of "I", "J", "P" and "E".
I - 26ft 3in
J - 9ft 4in
P - 23ft 6in
E - 10ft 0in