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Grampian 23 sailboat

13 - The mast and boom

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Mast and Boom - repair, replace and update. 
Last updated - July 2006

Primed boom

  This part will be done towards the end of the project. The mast and boom are literally the last two pieces of hardware to go onto the boat. I am planning on painting the boom with the white Petit Easypoxy. The mast is in good shape, but for a good scrubbing with bleach. The Florida climate is ideal for allowing anything to grow fungus, mildew and assorted green things.
26 July - I have painted the boom and attached hardware. I have pulled the halyards and topping lift.
Got a nasty surprise when I was working on the turnbuckles. The backstay turnbuckle is cracked approx. 2/3 around the barrel! Scary. I'll post pics as soon as I can. I have disassembled each barrel from the swage and toggle, cleaning the threads with WD40 and a brass brush. I use the brass brush so as to not leave any broken metal wire and possible source of rust. I then coated the threads lightly with white grease, screwing the barrel back into the swage pin and the toggle pin. I will replace the barrel bodies with open bodies, as funds permit. Far more safe, and here in Florida, no chance for mud dauber wasps to build their nests in the holes of the barrels. (It's amazing how many holes there are in a boat for these creatures to build their nests!)