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Grampian 23 sailboat

The Boatyard
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The Boatyard. 
Last updated - January 2006


7 March 2005

Six canoes, one catamaran hull, a big dinghy, a small dinghy and one 23 foot sailboat. Not to mention assorted engines, anchors and sundries. That doesn't include the 15 foot Dolphin Senior hanging at the dock.
Ah, the life.

I'm showing the canopy I used to cover the boat. I got a standard 10 X 20 from K-Mart for about $150, then extended the legs another 2 1/2 feet by using 1 1/2" PVC pipe. This worked very well, but I still had problems with rain as it would blow into the cockpit and with the boat tilted forward, I had a semi jacuzzi six feet up in the air! A friend gave me his hurricane battered canopy which I have used to extend the existing canopy so now the boat is completely covered, bow to stern. Don't know how it will hold up in a breeze, but nature will help in that regard, I am sure. In the picture the blue tarp is gone, replaced by half of the framework of the other canopy.
January 2006
This is obviously being written after Hurricane Wilma. I did not wait to see how the canopy would stand up to 100 mph windspeeds. I took the whole thing down and battened the boat down. After the hurricane, I put everything back up and extended the cover after a friend gave me his canopy which blew over in the aftermath of Hurricane Jeanne in 2004. The whole boat is now covered, stem to stern.