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Grampian 23 sailboat

Salvage operation

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The adventure starts: July 2002
Last update - 2004

This is how we came upon our Grampian 23. She was down at the head, full of water, cockpit full of decaying leaves. Inside the cabin was covered in mildew and just generally a dank, smelly mess. Those red ribbons hanging from the shrouds are not to add colour to the boat, they are there to signal the Corps of Engineers to impound the boat at the end of thirty days. By the way, that's this day!


This was her first berth under new ownership.

This was in mid-July 2002. It was amazing what was aboard the boat, very well found, but what was there was filthy. I took everything off the boat, dried out the sails, filled a spray bottle with 10% bleach solution and started spraying and scrubbing, inside and out. It will be a while, but should look pretty good at the end.