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Grampian 23 sailboat

10 - The Head area

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Head repair 

Waste Tank to go here.

I'm doing as detailed a head repair as I can. This is an important part of the project, as if something can go wrong, this is the area. So thought and care are being brought to bear.
The thought is to move the water tank one bulkhead forward and to put a large (20 gallon) tank where the water tank was located.

Painted area

I'm painting the shelf which will support the waste tank. I'll use webbing and s.s. screws to stop the tank from moving. I prefer this to metal strapping, or the cost of a non-rusting strapping.


That's the water tank on the left and the waste tank on the right. 

Update Feb. 2006
The tanks are in place and strapped in securely. The hoses are attached and have been threaded through the holes to lead back to the head and through-deck fittings. Photo to follow.
I also have been working on the wooden cleats which will allow me to screw the counter tops onto the galley and head cabinetry. I had to increase the size to 1 1/2 inches wide by 1 inch deep so as to give me plenty of room to maneuver when screwing the parts together. Takes a while.